A Walk In the Park With My Girl…

Image This is my daughter – Hannah. She wanted to go on a walk the other day.

So! As soon as I got home from work, she is standing in front of me with a big ‘ole grin looking like she’s up to something.

Then she blurts it out! “Mom, can we take a walk to the park- please?”

In my mind I’m thinking… Shoot! I just walked in.

But — that quickly changes to — wait! Not cool “MOM.

So! Of course, I say yes… “even though I am exhausted from the long drive home”.

She grabs her bike! I grab my camera! “Let’s Go!”Image

As I’m walking, she’s riding her bike. Singing “you are my sunshine, my only shunshine — you make me happy, when skies are grey”

then, periodically yelling:

Mom- do you want me to slow down for you”. As if she is going so fast.


We get to the park, sit down in the middle of a big empty, freshly cut lawn. You know — Hanging out… Just chillin’


Then, we see a pair of ducks hanging out near by.


Hannah’s checking them out /// outta the corner of her eye.

‘Careful not to make any sudden moves…’


All of a sudden they walk right up to us.

(Hannah was getting a kick outta this)!!!

They walk right up! Sit down and just Chill. It was pretty cool.


I know- who cares — they’re just ducks!

But, honestly We’re kinda scared of ducks…

“Those beaks they have look pretty fierce”!

But — these two had no hidden agenda!

They were just so peaceful & calm.

They literally were just sitting there & my little “nature girl” was enjoying every minute.


It was time for them to go…





Stopping to smell the “wanna be” roses…


I love that we can do little things like this and have such a great time.

I love that she sees the beauty in the simplest things like:

-Hanging with these two little ducks

-Stopping to smell the wanna be “Roses”

-& watching the SUN SET!!!

“couldn’t of asked for a better evening- with my girl.”


Always make the time – to create memories with your littles 😀

“you won’t regret it!”

These are the moments that mean the most!



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